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Matjaz Marcina's Photo Art Gallery

Welcome to my Photo Art Gallery, dear visitor.

The Page may present another person if you know me personally. Another aspect of my time is going to be performed here, taken from late 70's as a beginning, approximately. No grouping, just my spirit suggests naming. Snapshots first time published in 2006 and later.

A photography is my other passion, from my childhood actually on. I like a static as well a dynamic driven motives, composed, sometimes a live nature and inanimate objects even. Not many people could be found depicted here or otherwise in my work published. An exempt are few commercial models of course, hired for the purpose of deployment of imaging material, needed for a software development. I hadn't met many interesting people, willing to be available for such content creation and later performed to the public, or they had not met me, so my focus to the nature and objects was not a coincidence, but was an option available for my pleasure. Lighting outdoor is a challenge for a nice and sharp presentation of my point of view, indoor means a perfect and clear professional approach to such view or to my desire. A conclusion? No, there is no conclusion.

So, I'll let the pictures talk. Enjoy.

    Matjaz Marcina